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Our Vision

Sarah’s money ran out when
she was 90 but she lived to age 95.
She had managed through two World
Wars and the great depression, then
she spent the last five years of her life
dependent on the government and the
assistance of her small family. Sarah was
my grandmother. Today, I am a Certified
Financial Planner.

There’s Always Something You Can Do is a personal
book from women to women. Yes, it’s about financial planning, but more specifically it’s about the importance of women taking care of themselves. It opens the discussion between us, as though we were sitting together over a cup of coffee at your kitchen table. It provides guidance and reassurance.

A very special component of this book is its interviews with other women who want to share their experience. They have different incomes and come from different backgrounds. One was diagnosed with MS when she was 20. Another woman’s husband committed suicide when she was 60. Another woman, in her 70’s, never married but began saving money the day she started working. Another lost her home and re-grouped in her 40’s by heading back to school. They are “ordinary” women. They aren’t exceptional, but they are unique – they’re us.

This book gently reminds women of the need for financial planning. We have become more knowledgeable regarding our health and we are willing to work with professionals to maintain our health into old age. However, we need to give the same attention to our money. As women, we live longer and my concern is not our first 15 years in retirement, but our last 15 years. The quality of life we will experience as “senior seniors” will directly be linked to the responsibility we assumed for our finances at a much younger age.

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), there is a reason my job exists: managing one’s finances is a lot more complicated than it used to be, to the point where the proliferation of information and the number of choices and decisions to be made can seem overwhelming. Especially if you feel, “What’s the point, I’ll never have enough to retire.” Or you wonder, “Where do I start, how do I begin?”

This book does not use fear or scare tactics. It looks at how financial planning fits into the busy world in which we live, and why it is important for everyone, regardless of age or gender. It walks you through the financial planning process. It guides you to the information you need to be prepared. It includes checklists and exercises and even talks about the similarities between a financial planner and a personal trainer. (I’ve included a chapter on how to look for and work with a CFP.)

There’s Always Something You Can Do will give you the encouragement you need to take action. It speaks to all women who feel they have been neglected or who are anxious about taking responsibility for their financial well-being, in spite of their success in so many other areas of life!

It’s a book with practical advice written from the heart. I hope There’s Always Something You Can Do will have a long shelf-life. That it will be the kind of book you turn to whenever you need to be inspired again; that you will want to give it to your mother, your daughter, your sisters and girlfriends. I’ve written it with you in mind. You are special and I’m honoured to have the chance to work with you. I wish you prosperity and peace of mind, always.