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Other Women's Impressions

Listed below are some of the things readers are saying about “There's Always Something You Can Do.”

“Heather, I found the stories in the book completely engaging and the advice sage. I wish you the best of luck and know you will help thousands of women with your novel approach and kind wisdom.”
Gail Vaz-Oxlade
Financial Advice Columnist, Chatelaine Magazine

“I think this book should have been written a long time ago.
It is very well written and is a book that all clients should read. All can learn from the life lessons addressed in the different situations.
It’s hard to put down once you start reading it.”
Gabor Szekely, CFP
Sr. Exec. Financial Consultant, Investors Group

“I think 'There’s Always Something You Can Do' is AMAZING! I love your writing style. It was very thought provoking and what a wonderful homage to your grandmothers.
I believe (so very strongly) that the key to empowerment in anyone’s life is intrinsic in their respect and management of money. Too many woman of our generation still avoid the topic and I liked the way you wrote about it without sounding preachy.”
Brenda F.

“How wonderful a book. … Straightforward reading, very informative. ... It is indeed ready to become ‘The Wealthy Barber’ for women.”

“I want to thank you for the wonderful presentations for International Women’s Week. I was extremely pleased with the turnout for both locations.”
Louise S.

“I am enjoying your book very much. You are definitely demystifying the world of financial planning for us. And in a very engaging manner .... I thought I would feel like I am on an alien planet but I now realize that many of the concepts are incorporated into our daily and monthly planning. No more monster under the bed!”
Marlene M.

“It’s a super, solid book that mixes the realities of everyday life, the importance of the completeness of one’s life (don’t die with your song unsung) and very useful information the help you live your life easier. I really enjoyed reading the experiences and was inspired by the stories. The Personal Inventory is brilliant.
…Thank you for writing such a personal, comprehensive guide to living. Your writing style is so great because it personalizes the process instead of providing cold, instructor-style thou-shalt-do-this information. BRAVO!!!”

“Your book is absorbing, easy to read and understandable. What a wonderful accomplishment! Thank you.”

“I really did enjoy it. You've done an AMAZING job. Well done. It’s easy to read, flows really well and is not overwhelming, as most financial books are! I'm sure you never thought you would see the day come when all this would finally pull itself together. It shows that you really put your heart into this project and I'm sure everyone who reads the book will enjoy it as much as I have.”
Caroline M.

“You have lassoed all the personality type, thereby revealing vast differences of experience – human interactions, motivations, and complexities, all in a clear, conversational tone.”
...“The worksheets, recommended books, questions and answers, case studies all make this book a very thorough and valuable one in a very attractive format. Many thanks for this book.”
Gaetane L.

“I was thrilled to get a copy of the manuscript. I started reading it last night and I really liked the beginning. It's amazing that the whole time I'm reading it I'm thinking of you. And I'm SO PROUD of you! What an accomplishment. I look forward to learning from you. I need to.”
Carey B.

“I am very proud of you. I can't believe with all the turmoil due to September 11th and Enron, etc., you managed to accomplish this. I am thrilled with the book, and I am thrilled that you have written in such an upbeat and conversationalist form.”
Fern W.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your book and have found it to be very positive and forward looking. The stories are heartwarming as well as inspirational. Reading this would benefit financial advisors as well as clients – advisors will see your care and commitment and clients will see hope for the future.”
Judy M.