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About Us


Welcome Ė Iím glad you dropped in for a visit.

My name is Heather Duncan and I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who has been struck by peopleís ability to adapt to change. I work with one of Canadaís largest financial services companies, providing advice to individual clients here in Ottawa, Ontario. Prior to becoming a CFP, I spent a number of years in the consulting and human resources field, and even worked as a flight attendant.

As a result of this interesting path, I have had the chance to know many people from different backgrounds. My concern for our financial well-being is fueled by professional and personal experience. I write and speak passionately on the topic of planning for our old age. I care deeply about my clients and my audience.

I have written Thereís Always Something You Can Do to help take the fear out of addressing the very large topic of financial planning. In particular, I want to encourage women to explore and assume responsibility for their finances. Many women have let me know how much they feel the need for increased financial wisdom. They want some sense of security and self-reliance, which is such a worthy goal to pursue.

And each of us wants to know we are not alone in the process. Please donít worry if youíve made some financial mistakes along the way Ė we all do. Itís true that we are living longer and the money has to last longer. But the good news is: because we are living longer we have more time to learn and make adjustments. Our lengthening life span gives us the opportunity to make our lives richer in many, many ways.